The Process

Setting a Goal – This phase of the process asks the student to consider their interests, decide on a topic, develop criteria, and submit a proposal of what they hope to accomplish.Click the “Setting a Goal” link to see more information on this integral step of the Personal Project Process.

Choosing a Global Context – The MYP Guide says that global contexts “direct our learning toward independent and shared inquiry into our common humanity and shared guardianship of the planet.” You must choose ONE global context that is relevant to your topic. Click the “Choosing a Global Context” link for further information.

The Process Journal –  The process journal is an integral part of the Personal Project process. It can take on many different formats. Click on “The Process Journal” link for detailed specifications of the process journal.

The Annotated Bibliography – The annotated bibliography is based on a self-directed inquiry related to your chosen topic. Make sure that you choose a topic that is able to be researched.

Reporting the Project – The reporting process involves not only reporting the project, but also submitting extracts from your process journal. According to the guide, your report should “summarize the experiences and skills recorded in the process journal. Click on the “Reporting the Project” link for more information on how the report should be formatted.

Assessment of the Project – Your project will be assessed by the four criteria you have been working with throughout the Personal Project process.

Presentation of the Project – Students are required to present their project at Signal Showcase (date TBA) in order for their project to be considered complete. Presentations should include a tri-fold board and/or a video presentation on a tablet or laptop.


Personal Project Cycle Diagram