Supervisors are an integral part of the Personal Project process. Each student will be allocated a supervisor and will be required to meet with them at least four times during the school year. The supervisor, in most cases, will not be an expert in the students’ chosen project area, but will guide and support students as needed. Students are responsible for contacting their supervisors to set up a time to meet.

A supervisor is NOT a mentor. A mentor is an experienced person in your chosen field who is outside the school and can provide guidance or advice for your project. Students may organize a mentor if needed.

The Personal Project Supervisor will:

  • guide students on how to complete the project successfully; 
  • provide constructive feedback during each stage of the project; 
  • communicate with students to provide guidance; 
  • ensure that the student’s chosen project is guided by a global context; 
  • assess the completed project according to the assessment criteria; and 
  • ensure that the project is authentic and entirely the student’s own work.

As you work with students, you might want to consider these questions:

  • Is the student clear on what they are doing and what they are producing?
  • Is their research broad with a specific focus on primary and secondary sources?
  • Are they consistently reflecting on what their learning?
  • Have they articulated growth by considered discoveries that surprised them?
  • Are they effectively utilizing the process journal?
  • Is their timeline for completion realistic and comprehensive?
  • Have they chosen an applicable global context?


See PRESENTATION for Supervisors.