Setting a Goal

The Personal Project proposal on ManageBac must be completed and approved by your supervisor before you begin working to complete your product or outcome. Supervisors will approve your proposal during the first nine weeks of school. In order to do this, follow these steps:

STEP 1: Consider what you enjoy doing. It might be researching your family history, photography, playing lacrosse, the performing arts, caring for the environment, addressing community or global issues, cooking, hiking, fishing, fashion, reading writing, serving your community, or any other topic that YOU find personally interesting.

STEP 2: Once you decide on a topic, you need to determine a tangible product or measurable outcome that might result from your investigation of this topic. You want a product or outcome that is challenging, or highly challenging, but not impossible to accomplish. Be a realistic risk-taker!

STEP 3: Complete a Personal Project proposal in ManageBac. You need to record the following:

  • TOPIC: Identify your topic of interest and explain why you chose this topic.
  • GOAL: Define what you want to accomplish. State your goal, including the product or outcome.
  • GLOBAL CONTEXT: Choose a global context relevant to your topic and goal. (See the Global Context tab or pages 42-43 of the IB Project Guide for help.)
  • INQUIRY QUESTIONS: Write an inquiry question that will guide your investigation, planning, and action. It should be relevant to your topic, goal, and global context.
  • CRITERIA: Develop the criteria that your final product/outcome will be measured against. These should be specifications that the product/outcome must meet to be considered a success. Your research must inform these specifications. Consider making a checklist or rubric.