The focus of your Personal Project can be any topic or theme about which you are enthusiastic. It may be an essay, an artistic production, or other form of expression. The Personal Project may take many forms, such as:

  • an original work of art (art, music, dramatic performance, composition, playwriting, etc.)
  • an essay, report, explanation on a special topic (literary, social, psychological, anthropological, etc.)
  • a piece of literary fiction (creative writing)
  • an original science experiment testing your own hypothesis
  • an invention of specially-designed object or system
  • a developed business, management, or organization plan (i.e. for a business or project, a special event, or the development of a new student or community organization)
  • an original website
  • production of a music CD
  • an original construction or recreation

Examples of projects:

  • producing a piece of music/art/dance (for a purpose)
  • designing and creating an item of clothing, jewelry, or furniture
  • researching a specific idea
  • designing and building models of energy efficient houses
  • making puppets and putting on a performance for younger children
  • conducting a science experiment
  • making educational videos about a topic of choice

Possible Project Ideas at Signal Mountain MHS:

  • painting and decorating teacher bathrooms or workrooms
  • formal wear donation closet
  • mural map of downtown Chattanooga
  • working with the Special Olympics
  • creating and updating an athletics calendar for the school
  • forming a new trail
  • hygiene drive
  • peer mediators
  • student outreach club
  • map of murals in the Chattanooga area
  • TN Strong tobacco free youth advocates
  • memory boxes for Erlanger infant bereavement programs