Advisory Info

Here, you will find access to the resources received in Advisory as well as a timeline of what you should have accomplished by each deadline. You will be responsible for completing the items listed on the timeline and submitting a checklist to your Advisory teacher every other month.

August & September 2019 – 

Session 1 8/21/19: Presentation & Handout & Syllabus

Session 2 8/28/19- Presentation & Criteria A checklist &   Handout

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Document-page-002 (2)

Session 3- 9/11/19: Presentation

Session 4- 9/25/19: Presentation

October & November 2019


January & February 2020

March & April 2020

Below are two sample reports from last school year. While these students did excellent work, please keep in mind that they are not perfect. They are, however, good models for consideration as you enter the final stages of the Personal Project process.


Signal Showcase – TBA