Assessment Criteria // The total of the levels (maximum 32) awarded in each criterion is calculated to give a final assessment for the Personal Project.

  • Criterion A: Investigating
  • Criterion B: Planning
  • Criterion C: Taking Action
  • Criterion D: Reflecting

The levels total is then converted to a grade from 1 to 7, by applying the grade boundaries, where Grade 1 represents limited achievement and Grade 7 represents excellent achievement. Click here to see a chart showing the scoring breakdown.

Through the Approaches to Learning (ATL), students will demonstrate their skills to take responsibility for their own learning. These skills will be assessed across all criteria.

The ATL skills are broken down into five broad areas:

  • thinking skills – critical thinking, creativity & innovation, reflection, and transfer
  • social skills – collaboration
  • communication skills – interaction and literacy
  • self-management skills – organization and affective skills
  • research skills – information literacy, media literacy, and critical literacy

The key questions students should consider with respect to each skill area are:

  • What skills have I improved on across the course of the Personal Project?
  • How has this helped my learning?
  • What evidence do I have to demonstrate improvement in those skills?

Through the course of your project, you will need to demonstrate all the skill areas listed. This will be done in your process journal. Annotated extracts from the process journal must be submitted with your report and clearly reflect each of the five ATL strands.